Good review for Stone Hut’s work with Scholastic Freedomflix

We have a long term relationship with Scholastic and have been honored to work on several series’ of videos for several projects including Expert Space, Trueflix,  Freedomflix and more.  These video series are part of interactive websites that schools and libraries can subscribe to.  The videos are just a part of the overall learning experience and they work to get students interested in a subject and hopefully wanting to learn more by reading. This fits with Scholastic corporate missions ‘to encourage the intellectual and personal growth of all children, beginning with literacy, the cornerstone of all learning. ‘

School Library Journal recently reviewed the Freedomflix series, and had this to say:

Each whiteboard compatible “Watch It” section consists  of a one- to two-minute video that begins with a Google-maps-based TruEarth image. Once the camera zooms in on the relevant locale, a montage of period paintings, drawings,
photographs, and modern-day reenactment  footage transitions smoothly as an easy-to understand, natural-voiced reader narrates…

A streamlined, intuitive design and smart, interactive features make Freedomflix
ideal for enhancing 21st century-literacy and technology skills…

Freedomflix is a gold medal winner.

Not bad!  We’re currently working a new batch of Trueflix and Freedomflix videos.  You can find out more at


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