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Full Service Video Production

We’re an award winning video production team that creates documentaries, web videos and TV shows. 

We love to take a project from start to finish.  Sometimes we do it independently, other times we team up with others.   We’ve worked with non-profits, colleges, big companies, small companies, Kickstarter campaigns and more.

We’ve completed over 400 video projects including two feature length documentaries and a Michigan Emmy-award winning TV show.

We are based in Traverse City, Michigan and we work all over the world. 

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At the core of our team is the husband and wife team of Aaron Dennis and Chelsea Bay Dennis. For larger projects team up with  freelance  videographers and editors and production help.

Team Members

Aaron Dennis

Aaron Dennis

Founder of Stone Hut Studios and a filmmaking generalist. Aaron loves to shoot, edit, animate, research, write, whatever it takes.

Chelsea Bay Dennis

Chelsea Bay Dennis

The communicator, the decider, the get stuff done expert.

A Bunch of our talented friends

A Bunch of our talented friends

We work with creative people all over!

Creative Videography:
Timelapse & Gimbal specialists

We love time-lapses because they allow us to see the world from a a fresh perception and capture the beauty of nature in a whole new way.   

Hire us to create amazing dynamic time-lapses for your project, or purchase stock footage of our expanding library.

We have a passion for creating beautiful shots, and experience with high-tech time-lapse technology including panning and rotating rigs. 

Interested in hiring us?

Or maybe we we already have the shot you're looking for!

 Click the image below to see our stock footage portfolio, sold exclusively on  (Pond5 is by far the most artist-friendly stock site there is). 

Creative Video Editing & Script doctoring & post-production consulting

Almost everything Stone Hut Studios creates involves post-production and script work by Aaron Dennis. 

 He’s been video editing since he was a kid with two connected VHS tape decks.  In film school he trained by editing actual film and then on computers.    After graduating he worked in New York City as a production assistant, apprentice editor, assistant editor, and motion graphics designer on several large PBS documentaries. 

In 2009 he teamed up as a freelancer with Scholastic publishing,  to produce  short educational videos for their online encyclopedias and to create book trailers for their books.   Ten years and hundreds and hundreds of videos later, the relationship with Scholastic continues and so does the non-stop video editing.  

And 7 years ago Aaron launched Stone Hut Studios and has been steadily producing, shooting and editing independent and client projects ever since,  including 3 large documentary projects


Need post-production help?

He’s taken these projects through all phases of pre-production, production and post-production.  Besides the the more glamorous tasks he’s also been responsible for all the research and script writing.  Not to mention the archival research.  And probably most complex of all is creating  post-production workflows that are organized and efficient

He’s learned the hard way how to find the story in in a big pile of footage.   He’s also learned to relish the challenge of making a great project out of less than perfect footage. 

If you have a post-production challenge or need someone to save your documentary, you can reach Aaron via the contact form below.


“Aaron Dennis is a supremely talented filmmaker and videographer...he's created literally hundreds of videos for us on a vast array of topics in the Social Studies and Science fields. His meticulous research resulted in thoroughly engaging videos filled with evocative imagery and accompanied by perfect mood-setting scores and voiceovers. That Aaron accomplished all this with such an easygoing manner and never once missed a deadline, well, I just hope we can work together for another seven years!”
Sara B.
Scholastic Library Publishing