Filming Camp Bil-O-Wood

My wife Chelsea is a Camp Bil-O-Wood Voyageurette.  There are only about 100 in existence and it’s a title she proudly shares with her two sisters who also have their “hat”.  Each Voyageurette (and Voyageur, the male equivalent) are granted a funky blue, red and white beret style cap, their name on a plaque, and a life-long honor  – but …

Filming time-lapses of a wedding reception

The Grand Traverse Resort and Spa approached me this winter to inquire about some timelapse and video work.  We discussed a lot of fun ideas, and the first project that came out of the brainstorming was this promo for the Sunrise to Sunset photo contest. For that video I shot some new time-lapses over a few days and was also …

Stone Hut Studios Is Seeking Collaborators.

We’re a production company dedicated to making “films for a better world”.  Based in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan, we make documentaries, educational films, short videos and more.  Find out more at We are looking to find collaborators and partners.    We’re are a very small team and to expand our potential and capacity we need to find partners and …

Test Post

Sweet, I think I may have finally found the tool I’ve been searching for in order to blog in a fast and elegant manner.   At the moment, I totally I dig blogo. 


Morel Love

A fungi’s-eye view of this year’s crop of magical morels in northern Michigan.

Springtime in Arcadia Dunes: The C.S. Mott Nature Preserve

This video features shooting-stars, sunrises, sunsets, toads, snails, lakes, rivers and dynamic time-lapses from the beautiful Arcadia Dunes- an amazing and protected part of Northern Michigan. Thanks to the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy, vital places like this can survive.

Connected By Coffee

What is Connected By Coffee?

Dear Friends and Family, Many of you may already know about the new documentary project that Chelsea and I are producing, called Connected By Coffee.   I’m so excited about the story that we have to tell. It’s both sad and hopeful, simple and complex.  And it’s a BIG story.  Many have asked us questions about the film.  It’s a complicated subject, and it takes time to explain, so if your’e short on …


The Fair Trade Chronicles – Web Series

The Fair Trade Chronicles is a web-series and journal, of a 1000-mile journey to visit the coffee farmers in Central America.  Stone Hut Studios produced this web series during the journey, and the footage will be greatly expanded into the feature length documentary, Connected By Coffee, to be released in the fall of 2013.