Our Work

We work with good-for-the-world companies and causes to produce videos in a wide variety of styles, including short promotional videos, web-series, educational videos, kickstarter campaign videos and feature-length documentaries.  We’re a full service production companies and we work on every phase of our productions – planning, filming, editing, motion graphics, internet distribution and promotion.

Here are some examples or our work:

Feature-Length Documentaries


We released the film, ‘The People and The Olive: The Story of the Run Across Palestine” in the fall of 2012.  Since then it’s played in film festivals and venues in New York City, Boston, San Francisco, Toronto, Ottawa, London, Ramallah and more.  To find out more and to watch the entire film visit www.ThePeopleAndTheOlive.com

Short Videos


Short online videos are amazing way for an organization tell their story in way that can be easily shared across the web.   We created videos for many great groups, including: Food For ThoughtOn The GroundHigher GroundsSola Gratia ProductionsLarry’s BeansWheels of Hope, Bookwear, and more

Web Series

Fair Trade Chronicles – A 6-part series created on during the 1000 mile journey through Central America to hear the voices of fair trade Coffee Farmers.  Currently being developed in a feature length documentary, Connected by Coffee.


See all six episode here.

The Fair Trade Chronicles was our second example of an ‘Expedition Series’ where we filmed and edited each day of a journey.  The first was The People and The Olive  web-series, which followed the Run Across Palestine, and was later expanded into the feature documentary, “The People and The Olive: The Story of The Run Across Palestine”

Kickstarter Campaign Videos


We create Kickstarter videos to help people raise money to do great things!  The video above helped The Pop Nation raise over $50,000 to help them take their gourmet pop-sicle company to the next level.

Educational Videos

Scholastic Logo



We regularly create short, exciting videos for Scholastic that encourage young students to read.   To date we’ve created content for these Scholastic projects: Expert Space, xBooks, Trueflix and Freedomflix.


Let us help you tell your story!  Contact us at stonehutstudios@gmail.com or at 231-620-8072. 


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