Stone Hut Studios Is Seeking Collaborators.

We’re a production company dedicated to making “films for a better world”.  Based in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan, we make documentaries, educational films, short videos and more.  Find out more at

We are looking to find collaborators and partners.   

We’re are a very small team and to expand our potential and capacity we need to find partners and collaborators.

The three roles we are actively looking to fill:

•Production Assistants

We love working with motivated people with film and video backgrounds.  Project by project we often need help on everything from time-lapse and interview shoots, to research to assistant editing tasks or more.   People with flexible schedules who are interested in working with us, send us an email at with the subject line, “Production Assistant”.

We would love to hear about your experience up until now, what equipment and programs you are well versed in, and why this type of work fills you up.

•Time-lapse Intern

We love  the art and science of time-lapses.  It’s our specialty when it comes to cinematography and we love to use them in our productions. We also create custom time-lapses for clients and we offer many of our time-lapses for sale as stock footage.   You can read and view more about our Time-lapses here:

We’d like to find a motivated individual who has a strong interest in learning the art of timelapses.  Through this internship, they will get hands-on experience and training in the entire workflow for creating professional, dynamic and powerful timelapses.

The applicant is required to have access to a DSLR camera capable of taking time-lapses.  (Most DSLRs either have an internal intervalometer or an inexpensive external intervalometer can be purchased.)

Access to the Adobe Creative Cloud is a major plus, as our workflow uses Lightroom, After Effects, Premiere and others.

We’ll start with basic stationary methods and then move on to using Dynamic Perception motion-controlled time-lapse equipment.

This experience will be not only a resume builder, but also a unique opportunity to become a master time-lapser.  After the training, this person would become our go-to when we need to hire someone to help with time-lapses. The internship itself is unpaid at this time.

If this gets you fired up, send us an email at with the subject line, “Timelapse Intern”.

•Interactive Designer

We’re interested in the future storytelling technology beyond video. We are creating an interactive simulation of a popular kid’s book that will be projected during live musical performances.   This could eventually become a stand-alone interactive story/game.  We are making it using Unity ( and have many of the dynamics is place, but we need help moving it forward and/or taking it to the next level.

Our ideal partner would be someone who is experienced with Unity and is proficient in coding with Unity (C# or Javascript – the project currently uses both).   But anyone who uses and loves Unity as much as us, we’d love to chat.   At this point, this is not an income generating project. The real allure of this is to be able to create something cool, based on a best-selling book, that could become something bigger.  We can brainstorm ways to make this happen.   You don’t need to be located near us to help.  Interested? send us an email at with the subject line, “Interactive”.

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