The People and the Olive – Part 7: The Run Across Palestine Isn’t Over

The People and the Olive is a seven part web series that followed the Run Across Palestine from Feb 2nd to Feb 11th, 2012. A group of runners ran 100+ miles in 5 days to raise funds and awareness for fair trade olive farmers in the West Bank. These videos were shot and edited as the event took place – a media marathon to complement the ultra-marathon.
Part 7 of 7 – The conclusion to the People and the Olive, the web-series of the Run Across Palestine. The runners are honored at Canaan Fair Trade, near Jenin in the West Bank where we learn about the importance of olives and fair trade farming principles to the people of Palestine.

Note: Part 3 is temporarily unavailable for viewing. Please check back soon.

See the entire series at “The People and the Olive” channel here:

To find out more information, or to donate olive trees to Palestinian farmers, visit ‪‬

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