Video Editing

editingWe live and breathe video editing.   We love the process of crafting video and music together into a emotional crescendos.  Pacing and feeling are important to us, as well as a beautifully presented piece.  Motion Graphics come in handy to allow us to illustrate complex concepts.   We’re computer nerds well versed in remote workflows and we fear no file format.

We’ve edited over 200 short videos as well as handled the post-production on multiple feature length documentaries.

We’ve worked for years now with remote post-production workflows.  You can share your files easily online, or you can mail them on a hard-drive, either way, we’ll work to reach your deadlines to share rough cuts and revisions, etc.   We’re well versed in working with different software and workflows and we’ll provide the finished work in formats of your choosing.

 Contact us below to find out more about working with us.