Filming time-lapses of a wedding reception

The Grand Traverse Resort and Spa approached me this winter to inquire about some timelapse and video work.  We discussed a lot of fun ideas, and the first project that came out of the brainstorming was this promo for the Sunrise to Sunset photo contest.

For that video I shot some new time-lapses over a few days and was also able to incorporporate a lot of beauty shots that Dan Mills and Myself had been creating over the last few years.  It’s nice to have a library of shots to choose from, because we can create something quickly rather than spending days of weeks getting custom shots.  And we sell many of these same shots of stock footage. (You can check out the Stone Hut Stock library here at

Then this spring I was asked about creating a timelapse of the elaborate set-up of a wedding reception.  The original request was just for an overhead camera shot, but I suggested that we shoot from multiple angles so that we could make a more dynamic video.   What you’ll see below is the result.

I shot this video solo, and used 4 different cameras – a GoPro mounted as high as it would go one of the tall tent supports,  a Canon t3i mounted on a pole in a corner that was power via AC (and failed halfway through due to moisture or human unplugging), and then I moved around with a my Canon 5DmkII and GH2 and set up shots in places that caught my eye.    It was a bit of a juggling act, making sure that batteries stayed charged and memory cards were constantly being swapped and footage loaded onto hard-drives.

The party itself was rather noteworthy.  It was quite a collection of charismatic and photogenic people and they certainly knew how to have fun.  And besides myself there were two photographers and two videographers – there were cameras everywhere.

In the end I shot over 13,000 photos and worked one very long day.   I’m pleased with the results, and I think it shows just how much care the Grand Traverse Resort puts into an event like this and how much fun it can be.

Thanks for reading.  I’m going to make it a regular thing to write a short post about the details of videos we release.   Feel free to contact us with feedback, questions or suggestions.

All the best,

Aaron Dennis

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