Let us help you use the power of video to inspire and educate.  

We’re dedicated to creating films for a better world, with a focus on projects that have a positive impact on humanity. Our work includes everything from social-issue documentaries to educational videos to dynamic time-lapses that show the wonders of nature. We aim to create beautiful videos with a mission and we love to work with non-profits, educational institutions and others with a commitment to sustainability.

Our services include Video Production, Timelapse Production, Video Editing and Video Consulting. Read More about our story here. Our clients include:



Do you have a video challenge? We also offer online consultation on a variety of video solutions. We can help you with practical and budget-minded strategies for:

  • General production and post-production workflow.
  • Timelapse gear and workflow
  • International filming challenges.
  • Documentary project flow, including research, archival strategies, cloud-based collaboration methods
  • IP Camera video and timelapse strategies for construction sites, nature preserves, remote locations, etc.

You’ll speak directly with Aaron Dennis, founder of Stone Hut Studios, who’s a producer, editor and videographer/time-lapser.  He’s lived and worked on video projects in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, as well as New York where worked on several national PBS documentaries. Now based in Traverse City, Michigan, he works both locally and internationally.  He’s produced and edited two feature length films, The People and The Olive and Connected By Coffee, as well as dozens of short videos.  Aaron’s been dedicated to video production since he was 9 years old (seriously!) and has had the pleasure of using a constantly evolving set of filmmaking technologies from VHS to 4k.  He’s a self-professed computer geek, and an enthusiast of technology well beyond video.

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We’ve created a variety of short films for people and organizations who fit our mission for good.


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