“The Windward Shore” by Jerry Dennis – Book Trailer

If you have been enchanted by Jerry Dennis’s earlier work on sailing the Great Lakes, canoeing, angling, and the natural wonders of water and sky—or you have not yet been lucky enough to enjoy his engaging prose—you will want to immerse yourself in his powerful and insightful new book on winter in Great Lakes country.

Grounded by a knee injury, Dennis learns to live at a slower pace while staying in houses ranging from a log cabin on Lake Superior’s Keweenaw Peninsula to a $20-million mansion on the northern shore of Lake Michigan. Walking beaches and exploring nearby woods and villages, he muses on the nature of time, weather, waves, agates,  books, words for snow and ice, our complex relationship with nature, and much more.

“Come for a journey; stay for an awakening. Jerry Dennis loves the Great Lakes, the swell of every wave, the curve of every rock. He wants you to love them too before our collective trashing of them wipes out all traces of their original character. Through his eyes, you will treasure the hidden secrets that reveal themselves only to those who linger and long. Elegant and sad at the same time, The Windward Shore is a love song for the Great Lakes and a gentle call to action to save them.”

—Maude Barlow, author of Blue Covenant: The Global Water Crisis and the Coming Battle for the Right to Water

For more information visit www.jerrydennis.net


Book trailer produced by Stone Hut Studios



Footage by
Jay Burlage
Ken Scott
Aaron Dennis
Bill Latka

Edited and Produced by
Aaron Dennis


Moving time-lapses created using the Dynamic Perception Stage Zero motion-controlled dolly – www.dynamicperception.com


Creative Commons Photographs by

Kathleen Tyler Conklin

James Marvin Phelps

Doc Searls

Shawndra and Simon


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